Vision PLan

LAPRA vision plans

LAPRA members who enroll in the Anthem PPO or the Anthem HMO automatically receive vision coverage through Vision Service Plan (VSP). You may use any vision provider for vision care; however, when you use a VSP Choice provider, you’ll save money on exams and eyewear and there are no claim forms. VSP also offers discounts on glasses and sunglasses, contact lenses, and laser vision correction. Most services are provided every 12 months. For more information or to find a member doctor, refer to your Enrollment Guide or visit the VSP website at

Benefit Feature
Coverage from VSP Choice Network Provider Non-VSP Choice Network Reimbursement Amounts1
Eye Exam
Once every 12 months
$20 co-pay
$45 reimbursement
Once every 12 months

Once every 12 months
• Single vision lens
• Lined bifocal lens
• Lined trifocal lens
Plan pays up to $115 (20% discount on out-of-pocket expense above $115)

Plan pays 100%
Plan pays 100%
Plan pays 100%
$47 reimbursement

$45 reimbursement
$65 reimbursement
$85 reimbursement
Contact Lenses & Fitting Exam
Once every 12 months (in lieu of lenses and frames)
$120 allowance
$105 reimbursement

1 You must submit claim forms when you use non-VSP Choice Network providers.

This brief description of benefits is provided for your convenience and is subject to all terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the Vision Service Plan (VSP) contract. Please refer to your plan’s Evidence of Coverage for details on your benefits.

Vision Benefits for Kaiser HMO Members

Benefit Feature Kaiser Coverage Frequency
Eye Exam Covered by your KP Health Plan. Book an eye exam on No charge for preventive screening. No limit
Prescription Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

$350 allowance toward the purchase price of any or all of the following:

  • Prescription eyeglasses. To use the optical benefit, at least one of the two lenses requires a prescription.

  • Contact lenses, fitting and dispensing.

Once every 24 months

Please refer to your plan's Evidence of Coverage for details on your benefits.