Who Can Join?

Recruits employed by the City of Los Angeles to become sworn police officers in the Los Angeles Police Department regularly appointed and sworn in are eligible to apply for membership in the Los Angeles Police Relief Association, Inc. As a member, you receive a wide selection of outstanding benefits and additional support in times of need and crisis.

How to Join

An application should be filed upon your initial hiring as a new recruit by the City of Los Angeles. Your membership becomes effective on the date you are sworn as an officer of the LAPD, provided an authorization to deduct Association dues from your regular City payroll check has been received.

Contact LAPRA to obtain a Payroll Deduction Authorization which must be completed and returned with your application.


  • LAPRA Active Members: $1.50 per pay period
  • LAPRA Retired Members: $3.00 per month

When a member has been a member in good standing for 25 years, the membership is considered paid in full and dues are no longer required.


Active Members

  • Death Benefit: A $10,000 death benefit is payable to your designated beneficiary upon your death.
  • Emergency Relief: Emergency relief on a limited basis is available to members in times of great need and distress or family crisis.

Retired Members

  • Death Benefit: As an active LAPRA member in good standing, once you retire from the Police Department on a pension from the City of Los Angeles, you will be classified as a "retired member" and will be eligible for a $6,000 lump sum death benefit.
  • Cash Surrender: Your paid-up membership may be surrendered for its cash value of $1,500. Surrendering your membership certificate makes you ineligible for the above benefits.