Annual Enrollment for your 2023/24 LAPRA medical, dental and vision plans ended on May 31, 2023.

Annual Enrollment is your once-a-year opportunity to evaluate your medical, dental and vision care needs and make coverage and/or dependent changes for the new plan year which begins July 1, 2023. 

Active members with an email address on file with LAPRA will receive an email with a link to a digital Annual Enrollment Bulletin.

Active members without an email address on file and retired members will be mailed an Annual Enrollment Bulletin to their homes during the last week in April.

You can view digital versions of the Annual Enrollment communications by clicking on the links below.

For 2023/24, you will continue to have the same plans and coverage options that you have today with no benefit changes. There are some changes to the medical and dental member costs as listed in the Annual Enrollment Bulletins.



If you are looking for additional information about your 2023/24 LAPRA benefits, check out the resources below.



How to Enroll or Make Changes to Your Benefits

Active members and retirees not enrolled in Medicare can choose their benefits for 2023/24 on www.LAPRALive.org. Retirees enrolled in Medicare can use the website to view current benefit information, update personal and dependent information and beneficiary designations for any life insurance you may have through LAPRA. Retirees enrolled in Medicare must contact LAPRA to make any benefit changes.

To get started on www.LAPRALive.org, refer to pages one and two of your Annual Enrollment Bulletin mailed to your home the last week in April and posted above.


If you are not making any changes to your current LAPRA medical or dental coverage and you have no changes to your covered dependents, you DO NOT need to re-enroll during Annual Enrollment. Your current medical and dental coverage will automatically continue.


If you have questions about Annual Enrollment or your LAPRA benefits, contact a LAPRA Benefits Representative by email at benefits@lapra.org or by calling 213-674-3701 or 888-252-7721.